Lynda N

Lynda Nguyen

Founder, Producer

Founder and Producer of the “Freedom and Feminism Project” and its works, Lynda is a sought after Leadership Coach, having worked with hundreds of CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Influencers, as well as survivors of sexual trauma (Founder of The Magic of Psalm Nonprofit in CA). Lynda combines state of the  art technology, beliefs, and mindset training to help reprogram limiting subconscious narratives. With techniques to sustain energy, while understanding the compelling forces that influence what we do, she helps you realize set goals, collaborate effectively, and create impact, while staying connected to your true purpose, power, and freedom. It is “Freedom” that we connect to when we rise in love, or when we achieve greatness. It is, freedom, that becomes the underlying  theme and motivation, behind the personal work of self-actualization and leadership.

A certified HeartMath Trainer, an experienced Executive Coach, Lynda has a Masters in Clinical Hypnotherapy, and is a (Health Certified) Master NLP Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner.  Understanding our own unconscious patterns and practices, we will reprogram, rewire, and model the high performance people we admire. Motivational and magnetic, Lynda graduated from FIRE, as a  Certified Firewalking Instructor (alongside graduates like Tony Robbins and T. Harv Eker), she leads breakthrough seminars to help teams learn the power of shifting mental states. Having meditated in  Goddess temples in India, while studying Kundalini and Tantra, Lynda carries deep reverence for ancient wisdom, balanced energy and wellness. She is trained to help you activate your primal life energy for pleasure, innovation, leadership, and connection. Under some of the best masters, she is a Yoga  Alliance Kundalini and Tantra Yoga Teacher.

Julianne Reynolds

Julianne Reynolds

Photographer, Creative Director

Photographer and Creative Director of “Freedom and Feminism: Breaking The Rules. Telling The Truth To Freedom”, Freedom and Feminism Project’s first book, Julianne Reynolds is an international award winning film director, photographer and founder of Romanski Films. Julianne has been allocated several awards, but is most noted for “her excellence in the arts”, granted by the Charles Forbes Foundation. Julianne’s investigative approach, and ability to get insightful interviews from global leaders as well as people in the back villages of India and around the world, makes her a unique and masterful film director in creating content with a raw, and in-the-moment kind of feel.

Julianne’s film work has appeared in, “No Subtitles Necessary,” 2010 Emmy Nomination, “Breast’s”, a short documentary she directed, Official Selection for the New York Independent International Film Festival, Farewell to Harry, and Best Film at the Seattle International Film Festival, “Unarmed Perspective, Answers in Unexpected Places” she directed was featured in the 2018 Roselle Park International Film Festival. Julianne’s creative film works have appeared in several independent films and most recently featured on CNN and German TV – Westdeutscher Rundfunk.

Julianne’s TV series, The Mother Matrix, revealing the hidden truths around the sacred feminine, is in post-production, with a release date 2019. Julianne just returned from India, directing two documentaries “Forever Family” set in the villages of southern India, and “Keepers of the Song”, a documentary produced by Kirvani Productions, about the ancient music of the Langa, from the Thar Desert of India.

Julianne’s photographic works have appeared in Yoga Journal, Flavorpill, Common Ground Magazine, Tathaastu Magazine, Yoga International, Yoga Journal Australia, Ojai Foundation Quarterly,Voyage LA Magazine and South China Morning Post. Most recently, Julianne’s photographic works are featured as the cover design in the book series “Goddess and the Guru” & “Gifts from the Guru”, based on the work of, nuclear physicist turned master of Sri Vidya, Sri Amritananda Natha Saraswati of Devipuram, India.

Patricia Garcia

Patricia Garcia

Designer, Art Director

Patricia Garcia is an LA-based Designer with a passion for building lasting relationships with and working for socially impactful organizations. She engages and inspires people through her creative work. Having been with the Freedom and Feminism Project from the start, she aims to create a connective experience between client and company.